Investment Agents

Investment AgentsOn any property sale or acquisition, capital allowances will be an issue. Exactly how much of an issue it will be depends on multiple factors including the type of property, its age, the sale price, the tax ownership history and the respective taxpaying status of seller and buyer.

Most investment agents have heard of capital allowances but very few of them know how to extract maximum commercial advantage from their intrinsic value. Before the introduction of Finance Act 2012 the value of capital allowances on a transaction may not have received a huge amount of consideration. However, from April 2014 the issue of capital allowances must be actively addressed if the tax value of the property is to be preserved for future purchasers.

Capitus offers a range of services for Investment Agents to enable them to identify the true potential tax value of capital allowances on any given transaction and provide them with the information they require to achieve the best possible value for their clients, whether buying or selling.

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